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      Smart Clothing Disinfection Dryer 35L Capacity 650W Power Sterilization Drying Machine


      Triple Sterilization :
      * First Layer: UV Antibacterial: In the process of drying, the bacteria are sterilized by removing ultraviolet rays, so that the bacteria virus is far away from you and your child.

      * Second Layer: Pasteurization Sterilization: Treat it with the appropriate temperature and incubation time to kill it.

      * The Third Layer: Ozone Sterilization: It is produced by oxidation of air near the UV lamp, with low concentration and auxiliary sterilization function.
      360° Cycle Hot Air: The 360° soft air circulation heats up, and the heat flow fills the entire drying environment, making the clothes more supple and comfortable while drying.

      75 ° C Drying : 75 ° C constant temperature dry clothes, absorb moisture to gently dry the clothes, to minimize the wear and tear of clothing, not to hurt the clothes.

      35L Capacity: 35L large capacity, efficient to meet the needs of the whole family, clothing vertical drying more efficient.

      650W Rated Power: The rated power of 650W, dry clothes only 0.5-3 hours, less than 1°in two hours. Energy saving does not require electricity, and enjoys dryness and softness throughout the year.

      Security: Open the cover automatically, stop the UV accidental injury, and escort the family safely.


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