• 2700 Pa Xiaomi Mijia Youpin Lydsto R1


      LDS 360° laser navigation

      Lysmart V5 algorithm

      Smart Partition

      Low battery automatic recharge

      20mm obstacle crossing

      2700Pa strong suction

    • Mi Handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C Wholesale

      Main Feature:

      Suction and endurance all strong

      120AW suction power

      60min long battery life

      Wall-mounted charging rack

      Multicone cyclone filtration

    • Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro+ 3D Explore Version

      Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro+ 3D Explore Version
      Avoid obstacles accurately with 3D: no bumping worries anymore.
      3D obstacle avoldance without colision.
      3D visxxal navigation and intellgent planning route.
      Super sucton and iong endurarce.
      Suction and Mopping in one-step.

    • Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10

      Main Features:

      1. 150 AW suction power.
      2. TFT HD colour display
      3. Smart high-torque floor brush
      4. All-in-one vacuum and mop
    • Xiaomi Mijia Cordless Vacuum

      1.Equipped with a 350W high-performance DC brushless digital motor and a cyclone separation system, its maximum speed can reach 100000rpm, while in MAX mode, it can produce 100AW suction power and about 23000Pa suction rate.

      2.The vacuum cleaner comes with a 5-layer HEPA filter for filtration that can lock 99.97% of the dust. Additionally, the Xiaomi MIJIA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with 4 multi-functional brush heads, which can absorb dust from the ground, bed, car, and even keyboard, among others.

      3.The device uses a built-in battery that provides up to 30 minutes of battery life. A fully charged vacuum cleaner can clean a larger apartment of around 60 sq. m.

    • Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop P

      Main Feature:

      Mijia sweeping robot LDS laser navigation version
      It’s clean, sweeping thoroughly, and cleaning the floor is enough.
      Support 3 kinds of sweeping mode
      Simulate artificial mopping, wipe more and more cleanly
      Intelligent electric control water tank to protect wooden floor
      2100Pa large suction, more thorough cleaning
      New in LDS laser navigation, the map is more accurate

    • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C Wholesale

      Main Features:

      ● Visual Dynamic Navigation
      Quickly capture coordinate information, extract complex spatial features, maintain dynamic surveys, map more accurately and efficiently.
      ● VSLAM + Quad-Core CPU
      More computational, able to locate the exact position of the robot in real time and intelligently draw the working path.
      ● 200ml Water Tank
      Precision water control, wet drag is cleaner.
      ● 2500Pa Powerful Suction
      Equipped with brushless motor, adjust the air duct design, easily absorb dust particles.
      ● Suspension Suction + Powerful Main Brush
      Large diameter suspension suction port, close to the ground.
      ● High Precision Sensor
      15 types of multi-directional sensors, sensitive to various complex environments, easy to avoid obstacles.
      ● Mijia APP Remote Control
      Appointment cleaning, not at home can also control.
      ● 20mm Crossing Obstacle
      Easily climb the threshold, rails, carpet.
      ● 8.2cm Slim Body
      Easy go to the bottom of bed, cabinet and sofa.
      ● Automatic Charge
      Automatically recharge when less than 15% of battery power. When the battery is charged to 80%, return to the power-off position and continue to sweep.


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