• Mi Home Mi Smartda Automatic Water Saver Tap

      Main features:
      1. Upgrade the dual induction faucet, two groups of induction areas, two water modes, 0.25 second quick induction.
      2. Reduce contact pollution through infrared induction drainage.
      3. Bottom sensor for short-term water demand – when the sensor enters the bottom sensing area (within a limited distance of 10 cm), the water begins to flow out.
      When the sensor leaves, the water stops flowing out.
      4. Side sensor meets water storage requirements – when the sensor enters the side sensor area (within a limited distance of 5 cm), water begins to flow out.
      The current lasts for three minutes, and even when the object is felt to leave, the water still flows out.
      If the sensor enters the side sensor area again during the flow of water, the water can be cut off at any time.
      5. First-class water saving, energy saving and environmental protection.
      6. Simple design style, suitable for various home furnishing styles.
      7. 6 sets of adapters can meet your different needs.

    • Mi Home Mi Smartda Integrated Water Faucet

      Main Feature:

      1. Hot and cold faucet to keep hot water available. This kitchen sink faucet can switch between cold and hot water according to your needs. In cold winter, hot water is available every time.

      2. Heat immediately without storage. There is no need to store hot water in advance, because it can be instantly heated by 304 stainless steel heating pipes to ensure pure and healthy water quality, and it can also provide hot water at once.

      3. Single handle dual control design, flexible switching hot and cold water. Change the water temperature by water flow. When you require hot water, rotate it clockwise. When cold water is needed, rotate it anticlockwise. The degree of hot and cold can be easily adjusted. The switch is equipped with sound so as to avoid waste caused by continuous water discharge if not closed properly.

      4. 360° rotation kitchen sink faucet, multi-directional water intake. This kitchen hot cold mixer tap is designed to be rotated at 360 degree, more flexible and convenient.

      5. 30-50℃ adjustable with temperature display screen. The temperature can be adjusted from 30-50℃, which can be easily control. The water outlet is equipped with temperature sensor. Used with the temperature display screen, you will get the temperature information easily.

      6. Intelligent hydraulic separation. Using suspension isolation technology, it can effectively isolate the inner shell from the outer shell, thereby completely isolating water and electricity. It ensures that no current flows through the core components from outside the faucet.

      7. Five safety protection measures. Five safety protection measures are set to avoid potential multiple electric shock hazards at the source, greatly improving the safety of the product, so that you can enjoy the benefits of this hot and cold mixing faucet.

    • Mi Home Mi XiaoLang TDS Automatic Water Pump Touch Switch Mini Wireless Rechargeable

      Main Features:

      ● Automatic water supply
      ● Adapt to mainstream barrel water specifications
      ● Real-time water quality testing, water quality at a glance
      ● Food grade material, simple design and long battery life
      ● USB charging, charging time 3h, you can pump 144.9L water
      ● Rated voltage: 5V
      ● Applicable water temperature: 5 – 45 Deg.C

    • Mi Home Mi Xiaolang TDS Instant Heating Water Pump

      Main Features:

      -2 in 1 pumping and heating are suitable for most sizes of buckets.
      No installation is required.
      Just insert the water pipe into the bucket to discharge water with one key.
      Pure water is used to flow into the heating tube to form a circulating heating system.
      Heat the cold water to the specified temperature immediately and get the right temperature in 3 seconds without waiting.

      This product adopts the fourth-generation heating system of the hot water distributor — metal oxide thick film heating technology, flow heating, uniform heating and stable heating, and water is generated after heating.

      – waterless design water dispensers with water tanks are difficult to clean internally and are contaminated with scale and bacteria for a long time.
      XIAOLANG water dispensers are designed with no water storage tank, which is very healthy and safe.

      -TDS water quality testing integrates TDS water quality testing technology, which can detect the quality of drinking water in real time and clearly visible water quality data.

    • Mijia Faucet Water Purifier

      Small and Beautiful, Simple and Versatile
      The minimalist design style, the whole body is white, easier to integrate into the bad environment of the home. Both the kitchen and the bathroom can be used.
      Three-step Quick Installation, More Convenient Than Water Purifier
      It has a smaller volume than a thermos cup, which is beautiful and convenient. 4 sets of commonly used adapters, also equipped with universal adapters, making disassembly and assembly as simple as installing light bulbs. Snap-on rotary design makes it easier to replace the filter element.

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