• Dreame Hair Dryer Wholesale


      • Quick dry hair
      • Constant temperature protection
      • Negative ions smooth hair
      • 360 degree magnetic suction nozzle
      • 110,000 rpm high speed brushless motor
      • High speed air flow
      • Intelligent temperature control
    • Huami Amazfit AirRun Foldable Treadmill Wholesale

      Main Features:
      ● Also announced is the day of a home treadmill Amazfit AirRun, also has a large running belt, minimalist modern design, JBL speakers customized, intelligent wearable device linkage and other functions, as more users bring more outstanding sports experience
      ● Amazfit AirRun 1300mm × 500mm with a large running belt, supplemented sunken motor design, with a diamond pattern and a soft rubber strip running belt slip-resistant, and more comfortable for the user and the higher security Jiaogan. Amazfit AirRun handrail and also uses key interlocking design, without any tools, only 5 seconds to achieve true fully folded, smaller footprint about 80%, even under a sofa bed can be placed quickly and effectively saves indoor space
      ●Safety. The Amazfit AirRun is equipped with a safety rope stop, a quick and slow stop button design, and is provided on a damping device 8 between the pedal and the main frame. The impact force released by one person depends on the tuner

    • Mi Xiaolang Smart Clothing Disinfection Dryer 14L

      Mi Home Mi Xiaolang Smart Clothing Disinfection Dryer 14L

      Smart Clothing Disinfection Dryer 35L Capacity 650W Power Sterilization Drying Machine


      Triple Sterilization :
      * First Layer: UV Antibacterial: In the process of drying, the bacteria are sterilized by removing ultraviolet rays, so that the bacteria virus is far away from you and your child.

      * Second Layer: Pasteurization Sterilization: Treat it with the appropriate temperature and incubation time to kill it.

      * The Third Layer: Ozone Sterilization: It is produced by oxidation of air near the UV lamp, with low concentration and auxiliary sterilization function.
      360° Cycle Hot Air: The 360° soft air circulation heats up, and the heat flow fills the entire drying environment, making the clothes more supple and comfortable while drying.

      75 ° C Drying : 75 ° C constant temperature dry clothes, absorb moisture to gently dry the clothes, to minimize the wear and tear of clothing, not to hurt the clothes.

      35L Capacity: 35L large capacity, efficient to meet the needs of the whole family, clothing vertical drying more efficient.

      650W Rated Power: The rated power of 650W, dry clothes only 0.5-3 hours, less than 1°in two hours. Energy saving does not require electricity, and enjoys dryness and softness throughout the year.

      Security: Open the cover automatically, stop the UV accidental injury, and escort the family safely.


    • Xiaomi Automatic Washing Machine

      Main Features:
      1. No contact, more sanitary, effective antibacterial, gas and liquid bubble ratio to 12:1.
      2. Fine and dense foam can better cover skin epidermis, direct to fine pore, achieve deep cleansing.
      3. Effective inhibition of daily bacteria, inhibition rate up to 99.9 percent, micron-grade foam, penetrate into pores, deep cleansing.
      4.Compact body, natural plant essence, moist and comfortable, hand sanitizer close to skin pH value, gentle and skin-friendly, not tight, foam without residue.
      5.Can effectively inhibit e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans and other common life bacteria, effectively care for the health of the family.
      6. The micro-high efficiency motor and its rubber damping structure not only have high bubble efficiency, but also will not be disturbed by noise when used, intelligent induction design, low power consumption.
      7. 320mL large-capacity design, available for 400 times, compact, minimalist, understated design style automatically sensing bubbles without press.

    • XIAOMI Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer 1400W 110,000 rpm


      • Dreame Intelligent Temperature Control Hair Dryer
      • Hair Artist
      • Quick dry hair
      • Constant temperature protection
      • Negative ions smooth hair
      • 360 degree magnetic suction nozzle

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