Patent Exposure Xiaomi Flip-Flop Folding Screen Mobile Phone: Camera 90 Degree Rotation

A new patent filed by Xiaomi in November 2019 has been unveiled, featuring a very special mobile phone that uses a flip-flop industrial design, as similar Galaxy Z Flip、Moto Razr.
Of course, in addition to the flip folding screen, the another compelling point
is that the top camera module supports rotation/turn, the patent diagram demonstrates only 90 degrees, thus creating a unique photo angle and posture.
Different from the Moto Razr、Galaxy Z Flip, Xiaomi is a full screen without any special-shaped elements, I believe this is also the reason for the complex photo structure, the first two are Liu Hai screen and another one is the central open hole. Other elements shown in the patent are post-four, pre-single, retain complete power keys, integrated volume keys and so on.
Since patents don’t always correspond to commercial products, so it will take time to test whether that unique phone is alive from paper.

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