OnePlus Watch Exposured!The First Smartwatch of OnePlus!

The OnePlus watch will use the mainstream 46mm round dial, with two different colors, which are expected to be silver and black. The case is made of metal, and it also supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof.

It is worth mentioning that the OnePlus watch supplemented with the unique Warp Charge fast charging technology. When the battery is low, it only needs to charge for 20 minutes, which can satisfy the whole day of use, which greatly alleviates the problem of battery life.

As a wearable device, health and exercise functions are essential. It is reported that OnePlus watch will provide automatic exercise detection, swimming mode, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, stress tracking and SpO2 sensor, which can bring a variety of exercise tracking modes .

In addition, the OnePlus watch has built-in 4GB of memory and eSIM virtual phone card, supports completely independent call and network connection functions, and can also control OnePlus’ mobile phones and OnePlus TV.

In terms of design, according to the detailed pictures released overseas by OnePlus, the OnePlus watch will use a glass screen covering a 3D curved surface, which will bring a more fashionable appearance and is more conducive to the sliding operation of the watch.

At the same time, it may be made of aluminum alloy as the main material, which can present a lighter impact effect and at the same time have a good shell texture. The strap is made of detachable silicone.

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