OnePlus Nord 2 announced its cooperation with MediaTek in customized version chip—Dimensity 1200 chip

Recently, OnePlus announced that it will release a new product in the Nord series, OnePlus Nord 2 5G.
  According to public reports, OnePlus will be the first to carry the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 custom chip. The use of a customized version of the Dimensity 1200 chip will also allow OnePlus Nord 2 to achieve a substantial improvement in AI capabilities.

It is reported that the customized version of Dimensity 1200 is derived from MediaTek’s Dimensity 5G open architecture. This is the product of the in-depth cooperation between MediaTek and smartphone manufacturers. It can bring a more personalized experience and empower device manufacturers to create differentiated flagships and High-end 5G smartphones.
Under this open architecture, mobile phone manufacturers can freely customize ISP, AI, and wireless connections according to their own needs, and can customize the workload distribution of various processing units such as CPU and GPU in the chip.

On this basis, OnePlus Nord 2 will bring us a brand-new experience after deep customization of the series. At the same time, in the promotional poster, OnePlus Nord 2 emphasizes AI, which may clearly indicate that AI performance will be the highlight of OnePlus Nord 2. This is what OnePlus is proud of.

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