OnePlus 9 Pro is equipped with 120Hz LTPO screen and obtains DisplayMate A+ certification

On March 16, OnePlus officially announced the screen parameters of the OnePlus 9 series, real 10bit, 2K + 120Hz, 8192 brightness adjustment, automatic color temperature sensing… A batch of LTPO Flexible screens brings smarter refresh rates And lower power consumption.

Unlike the previous OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 8 Pro and other models, the OnePlus 9 series (especially OnePlus 9 Pro) is equipped with a 120Hz free high-frame pupil screen. According to the official warm-up video, this phone can independently adjust the appropriate refresh rate according to the content displayed on the screen, and can freely switch between various refresh rates.

Since this is an adaptive refresh rate, even if the screen is still in a high refresh state, the phone will not be the same as before, thus achieving the effect of reducing power consumption. In addition, this time the OnePlus 9 series has again obtained the DisplayMate A+ certification, showing a higher screen quality.

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