New Xiaomi Soft Wind Air Conditioner: Will Be Released on April 24

Xiaomi Smart Home Appliances announced its new product on April 21st: Xiaomi Soft Wind Air Conditioner will be released on April 24th.

The official Weibo said: “Compared with the ordinary air-conditioning wind, how long have you never felt the breeze of nature? How do you achieve the environment switch between the city and the valley in a busy day? Use a laminar soft wind system to restore Natural comfort. See you on April 24! “

In addition to the pursuit of energy saving and environmental protection, current air conditioners also regard comfort as a major selling point. Many air conditioners have mechanical blowers that are uncomfortable to the human body, which can easily lead to a series of “air conditioning diseases” that affect the user’s health.

The soft air conditioner generally has a wider air supply range, it can make the temperature difference of the room narrower and cool the whole area,At the same time it can also avoid the area where the user is located and prevent the direct blowing from causing discomfort.

Some soft-wind air conditioners also have a soft-humid cooling function, which can automatically adjust the operating mode according to changes in indoor humidity, so that the room humidity is always maintained in a pleasant state of 40% -60%.

So what will be the characteristics of Xiaomi Soft Air Conditioner? What will the price be? We will wait and see.

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