New Product Launch, Powerful Function! Oclean X Smart Touch Screen Electric Toothbrush

The new flagship masterpiece Oclean X smart touch screen electric toothbrush officially debuted. This product not only continues to provide an excellent brushing experience, but also innovatively equips the electric toothbrush with a color touch display to make the function and experience of the electric toothbrush become Even better.

As people continue to pay more attention to oral health, more and more people begin to replace traditional toothbrushes with electric toothbrushes, so what kind of electric toothbrush is worth choosing has become a topic of concern to many people. From a comprehensive point of view of cleaning power, brush head, battery life, quality, etc., in fact, Oclean One, which was launched in 2017, has achieved a very good degree, and it is completely comparable to international brands such as Braun and Philips in terms of product experience. . The biggest significance of Oclean X is that it has completely changed the way of using electric toothbrushes. Many functions can be realized through the screen without the help of APP.

Oclean X is equipped with a 0.96 inch color touch display above the switch. Through this screen, we can not only understand the time, date, power, weather and other information, but also directly adjust the working intensity, mode, working time, etc. of the toothbrush. Parameters, even after brushing, can also display the brushing report, so that users have a smarter, healthier and better brushing experience.

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