Many Companies Use Artificial Intelligence To Synthesize Virtual Images

With the development of technology and software, picture synthesis is no longer a difficult task. Artificial intelligence can be used to create a very realistic synthetic face. These technologies mainly use a machine learning method, that is, generating an adversarial network (abbreviated as GAN). Generative adversarial networks (GAN) is a deep learning model and one of the most promising methods for unsupervised learning on complex distributions in recent years.
Many companies use artificial intelligence research to generate marketing visual effects and advertising copies.
Among them, Rosebud.AI’s technology can generate ideal model faces for advertising campaigns.
DataGrid has developed artificial intelligence that automatically generates full-body models. They used generative adversarial networks (GANs) to synthesize images of non-existent people at high resolution (1024×1024). These models look very realistic and can be used in advertising campaigns and online clothing stores.
At CES 2020, Samsung-backed STAR Labs launched NEON, claiming to be the world’s first “artificial man.” The company’s virtual people can talk and express emotions like humans. Therefore, they are not just models of marketing activities, but future virtual assistants. However, it is worth mentioning that this technology is still in its infancy, and the conversational skills and visual quality of these artificial humans have not yet evolved.
Synthesia introduced the use of AI to generate localized and personalized video technology. In particular, they have two solutions: To facilitate the translation of video content into more than 99 languages, people in the video can naturally use any of these languages. Dialogue with customers in a personalized way. With Synthesia’s technology, you can let the people in the video talk to customers individually, mentioning their names and any other specific details.
Researchers at Zalando have proposed a new method to generate high-resolution images of fashion models wearing custom clothing at input body positions. Simply put, you can transfer the color of a suit or a body pose to another model.
Artificial intelligence synthetic photo technology can be used to transform videos and images. Although its functions may be limited, it is also constantly improving. Of course, it is worth considering that these technologies are also a double-edged sword, and we need to control its development in a good direction. If someone maliciously spreads false information after a terrorist attack and uses it to fabricate a fake criminal, this is very dangerous.

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