Huawei X90 360 Sweeping Robot Review and Test: Can Map Smartly and Accurately

On March 31, Huawei and 360 Smart Life Group jointly released the smart home 360 sweeping robot X90. We will take X90 as the main line to solve these six problems as the main line, and bring you a comprehensive understanding of this intelligent sweeping robot.

1. Appearance

X90 adopts a white cylindrical design, which is harmonious and beautiful.

2, the cleaning function

With a suction power of 2200pa, X90 is equipped with a 200ml water tank and can moisten 150 square meters of room. X90 supports three cleaning modes: sweeping and dragging, only sweeping without dragging, and only sweeping without sweeping.

3. Battery life and charging

X90 is equipped with LG batteries and a capacity of 5200 mAh battery. Support automatic recharging and continuous scanning of breakpoints. When the sweeper is about to run out of electricity, it will automatically return to the charging pile for charging. It will continue to be completed after the battery is fully charged. The cleaning task has not been completed due to the low battery.

4. Intelligent operation function

Whether it is better to use voice to control the sweeping robot has also become a major pain point for users.

X90 , as a smart home jointly released by 360 and Huawei, supports the Huawei Smart Life APP, which can not only use Huawei Xiaoyi voice control, Huawei Hilink intelligent linkage, but also use Huawei aI speakers for voice control to start cleaning and pause cleaning Go back to charging and other functions.

5. Accurate construction and intelligent planning

X90 uses a navigation method that combines ultrasonic and lidar. It can accurately avoid obstacles during the cleaning process, quickly build maps and accurately locate at a speed of 2000+ points per second.

Sixth, intelligent floor plan management

X90 adopts the form of laser radar navigation, and can realize the intelligent management of the family map through the 360 ​​sweeping machine APP, and realize the functions of simulating walls, mopping prohibited areas, designated area cleaning and deep cleaning, etc., for different areas and specific rooms Degree of cleaning. This not only saves electricity, but also plays a positive role in further improving the cleaning efficiency.

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