How Does OPPO Ace2 Fully Charge In Aalf An Hour?

In this era, the mobile phone has no electricity, which is tantamount to fish leaving the water. There are many solutions. Some people choose phones with large batteries, while others choose their phones to charge faster. In recent years, the charging speed of smart phones in China has developed very fast, and the fast charging technology has been fully integrated into our lives. Now we cannot do without mobile phones and fast charging.
In this regard, OPPO has never let us down. The slogan of “charging for five minutes and talking for two hours” was still vivid. This year, OPPO updated its Ace series product line and launched OPPO Ace2. Charging speed has always been the strength of OPPO Ace series. Therefore, OPPO Ace2 not only supports 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 flash charging, but also supports OPPO’s first commercial wireless fast charging technology, AirVOOC, with a power of up to 40W.
As one of the fastest charging mobile phones, OPPO Ace2 can be fully charged in 38 minutes using wired fast charging. This means that even if the mobile phone runs out of electricity before going to bed, there is no need to worry about charging. You wake up the next morning and plug it in. In just a few tens of minutes, the mobile phone can get nearly full power.
If you use the 40W air-cooled wireless charger launched by OPPO, you can quickly charge the battery when you put it on, and the speed of charging in 1 hour is much faster than that of other brands. Wired fast charging is suitable for use at home, and wireless fast charging is suitable for use in office scenes to solve the anxiety of battery life throughout the day.

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