Google Confirmed! Android Adds The Same Practical Function of iPhone

On July 1st, Google recently confirmed that it will add a new practical feature to Android phones-Nearby Share. This feature is similar to AirDrop Air Drop in Apple iPhone products, and some Android users have already started beta testing of this feature.
It is understood that AirDrop in the iPhone is mainly to help Apple users complete the file transfer in a simpler and faster way, and Nearby Share can also help Android users to share pictures, videos, links, etc. by searching nearby Android devices. . The advantage of Nearby Share is that it supports the transfer between all Android devices without restricting the phone brand.
It is worth noting that before using Share Share, users also need to actively adjust the function to “visible” state, and manually select acceptance in the pop-up prompt to complete the delivery process, ensuring the user’s privacy.
Some users said that some Android brand mobile phones have already appeared related functions, such as the Quick Share that Samsung is testing can simultaneously transfer files to 5 friends who use Samsung mobile phones. However, Nearby Share can achieve cross-brand transmission between Android devices, which may bring unexpected user experience.

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