We know that the coronavirus has started to spread around the world. But some countries are more affected than others, such as Italy. The virus is highly contagious in the European country, which is why xiaomi decided to send thousands of masks to help.

Xiao mi: mask for everyone in Italy!

The situation with regard to coronavirus in Italy is encouraging because it has begun to spread more and more so that there seems to be no way to stop it in the near future. That’s why knowing that xiaomi has decided to help them has given us back our faith in humanity.

The aid will be delivered in parcels to Italy as the Chinese company sends large quantities of masks to Italy to help control recent problems.

In a tweet, xiaomi publicly donated the masks, which read as follows.

During this difficult period, # xiaomi has donated supplies to Italy, including tens of thousands of masks.

We entered the market less than two years ago and continue to feel the love and enthusiasm of everyone.

# NoMiWithoutYou”

In addition, the box says: “We are the waves of the same sea, the leaves of the same tree, the flowers of the same garden.”

For Italy, this is undoubtedly a good detail of xiaomi, because nothing really compels them to do so. All this was made better by the fact that they decided to help in difficult times.

Obviously, yes, we know it advertizes brands, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a nice gesture that everyone should acknowledge.

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