Apple was 3rd on Mobile phone market,so who is the Top?

On February 1st, a British research firm, Canalys, published a global ranking of smartphone shipments in 2019. According to the list, 1.37 billion smartphones were shipped worldwide in 2019, down 2% from 2018. Huawei’s shipments rose 17 percent from a year earlier, beating out apple for second place.

Samsung topped the list with 298 million units shipped, with a market share of 21.8 percent, up 2 percent from a year earlier. Huawei ranked second with 240m handsets shipped, with a market share of 17.6 per cent, up 17 per cent year on year, making it the fastest-growing handset maker on the list. Samsung and Huawei are preparing for an all out war, significantly increasing their portfolio and launching a new, cost effective a series product line A, the report said.

The war ended with U.S. sanctions against Huawei, and Huawei’s phones suffered in overseas markets as a result. Samsung got good results with its price performance and hard work. Huawei has worked hard to tap into its domestic market, which has grown rapidly to become the biggest dark horse on the list. Huawei handily overtook apple to become the world’s second-largest mobile phone brand.

Apple was third with 198m shipments and a market share of 14.5 per cent, down 7 per cent on the same period last year. The reason for Apple’s drop in shipments is simple: the 2018 iPhone XS wasn’t innovative enough, and the price was too high for consumers to buy. But there is good news: The relatively cheap iphone 11 has been a huge hit, giving apple a head start in 2020.

     Xiaomi ranked fourth with 125m handsets, with a market share of 9.2 per cent, up 4 per cent year-on-year. OPPO shipped 120m handsets, with an 8.8 per cent market share, up 4 per cent year-on-year. Xiaomi and OPPO both fell by 21% and 17% , respectively, as huawei ploughed deeper into the domestic market. Fortunately, these two manufacturers in the international market has achieved good results, only the overall volume of shipments 4% year-on-year growth results.

Other brands shipped 384 million units and had a 28.1 percent market share, down 13 percent from a year earlier. Only the IPHONE and other small manufacturers posted declines in shipments, with all other brands showing varying degrees of growth. The domestic market was even worse, with other manufacturers down 36% year on year. The mainstream is getting stronger and the non-mainstream is getting harder.

Due to the impact of the new corona virus, the domestic smartphone market in 2020 will see a sharp decline in shipments. Other brands have the international market behind them, and smartphone shipments are guaranteed. Not surprisingly, Huawei’s mobile phone shipments will be affected, after all, Huawei mobile phone shipments in 2019 reached 38.5% of the domestic market share. If Huawei does not return to overseas markets soon, its phones will face a severe test in 2020.

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