Airpods Studio will support head and neck monitoring and automatic switching of left and right channels.

On May 11, 9to5mac reported that Apple’s AirPods Studio will support head and neck detection without distinguishing between left and right ears.According to reports, apple’s AirPods Studio supports the same function of automatically pausing playback when it is taken off the hook as that of AirPods, and apple is also working hard to develop more advanced functions, such as using specific sensors to detect whether the headset is currently in the user’s head or neck, and to let the headset make corresponding actions.In addition, it is said that Apple’s headset also has a sensor for detecting the left and right ears. The headset can not distinguish between the left and right ears and has no fixed “L” and “R” signs on the traditional headset. When the user’s wearing direction is detected, the headset automatically switches the left and right channels.

Judging from past experience, every new product Apple introduces has almost affected the development of the industry.If the headset introduced this time does not need to distinguish between the left ear and the right ear, but can automatically switch the left and right channels, it is undoubtedly a huge innovation in the industry and will surely cause many headset brands to follow suit.

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