A new Xiaomi smartphone patent exposed: built-in wireless earphones/speakers

LETSGODIGITAL recently released a set of renderings of Xiaomi’s future smartphones. Xiaomi has applied for a patent for this smartphone, which can have built-in wireless headphones.

Judging from the renderings, Xiaomi’s new mobile phone has two circular grooves on the top for placing wireless earphones, which is somewhat similar to how Samsung’s smartphones place the S Pen. The unique feature of the wireless headset in Xiaomi’s new mobile phone is that it can rotate the top. When the wireless earphone is in the groove, the speaker points upward, and when taken out, the speaker can be perpendicular to the earphone handle. In particular, when the earphone is slightly moved out of the housing but not taken out, the earphone can also be used as a speaker.

Currently, Xiaomi has not disclosed any further information about the phone, but it is likely to be connected to the headset via Bluetooth, and may also support active noise reduction to provide better sound quality in noisy environments. It is not clear whether Xiaomi intends to release this smartphone with built-in earphones. There are still many shortcomings in this design structure that need to be improved.

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