229 yuan, the first Huawei smart screen custom Beitong gamepad is on sale: 8ms insensitive and low latency, professional-level competitive configuration

It is understood that the first Huawei smart screen custom gamepad is on sale. Support 8ms non-sensing low latency, professional-grade competitive handle configuration. Huawei Zhixuan Beitong smart gamepad officially went on sale in Huawei Mall on January 8, priced at 249 yuan, with a limited-time discount price of 229 yuan.

Huawei Smart Select Beitong smart gamepad can still ensure data delay as low as 8ms in such long-distance wireless transmission, and the packet loss rate is less than 2%.Such low latency is because the handle is newly equipped with a smart dual-core design. There are two built-in 2.4G wireless + Bluetooth 5.0 chips inside the handle, they work independently without interfering with each other; 2.4G wireless is only used for data transmission when playing games. In addition, the handle also has a built-in EXTRA RAPID PRO intelligent engine specially designed for cloud games, which can optimize and reduce the transmission delay between various components.

At the same time, for the in-depth customization of Huawei’s smart screen, this handle brings you two unique functions: one-click to call up the smart screen game area/favorite games and smart screen remote control.

After connecting the smart game controller, tap the HOME button to call up the smart screen game area with one click, without going through the layers of menus to find; you can also directly define the HOME button as various exclusive shortcut commands.

The smart screen remote control function allows you to quickly control the TV during game play, such as adjusting the volume, taking screenshots of the TV, and simulating a mouse. With the blessing of these two functions, you can control the entire TV with only the handle in your hand.

It is reported that in addition to the above functions, we can also quickly adjust the handle settings on the Smart Life App, and can use the handle’s Turbo button burst function to quickly make moves; when the handle and Huawei mobile phones are close, we can also use the proximity discovery function to quickly make moves. pair with the phone. Supports multiple platforms for smart TVs, set-top boxes and personal computers.

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