• Roborock C10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


      • Clean effectively
      • 3D cleaning system
      • 10 sensor types
      • Carpet boost
      • Powerful app control
    • Roborock e25


      • Efficient and intelligent: Fast cleaning, no random bumping.
      • Thorough cleaning.
      • Vacuum and mop.
      • Auto carpet Boost and resumption.
      • App control.
    • Roborock e4


      • Effective Cleaning
      • Thorough cleaning
      • Long-Lasting Battery
      • Large Dustbin
      • App and Voice Control
    • Roborock H6


      • Lightweight and Maneuverable
      • Strong Suction
      • Constant Suction Power
      • Keeps Cleaning Longer
      • Versatile and Flexible
    • Roborock H6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

      Main Features:

      2 in 1 clean and drag
      Engine-x digital brushless motor + 23500 Pa suction
      Air-x dust separation technology
      Clean storage and wireless charging
      Six-stage filtration
      60 minutes running time
      APP Control
      LED lights

    • Roborock Robot Vacuum e35


      • Efficient and Intelligent
      • Large battery capacity
      • Thorough cleaning
      • Vacuum and mop
      • App control
    • Roborock s4


      • Selective cleaning
      • Precision Navigation
      • Supersized LiPo Battery
      • Intense Suction
      • Ideal for Pets
      • Surprisingly Quiet
      • Total App Control
      • Built-In Fall Protection
    • Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

      Main Features:
      ● Intelligent planning path, memory family layout, cleaning every corner.
      ● WIFI connect mobile phone, Timing boot, Automatic Cleaning for Home and Office, Automatic charging.
      ● 2000PA large suction, brushless motor, the noise is less than 55db, V-shaped floating roller brush.
      ● The electric water tank of S5 Max has a brand-new ultra-precise peristaltic pump and it is large to hold 290ml of water, good for mopping 200sqm once.
      ● 460ML dust box, double filter system, effective filter dust, mites, and more clean air.
      ● 5200mAH Long-life Li-Battery, it can cleaning 290 square meters of the environment.
      ● 96mm Slim design enable this Robot Vacuum Cleaner working in the narrow space.

    • Roborock S6 MaxV Vacuum Cleaner

      Main features:

      True visual AI: combined with LDS, home navigation is fast and efficient every time.

      Electric water tank: 300 ml SnapMop system towing schedule.

      Multilayer mapping: automatically identifies up to four layers without adding docking stations.

      Enhanced cleaning function: suction increased by 25%, up to 2500Pa.


    • Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner

      • Automatically avoid obstacles: S6 MaxV uses dual cameras and proprietary ReactiveAI obstacle recognition technology, which can accurately avoid everyday objects and unknown obstacles, making automatic cleaning more worry-free than ever.
      • Accurate and efficient navigation: Equipped with precise lidar navigation, it can accurately produce on-board maps, cleaning more efficiently, and cleaning customization options.
      • Easier mopping: Application-controlled mopping is highly customizable, from plans to room-specific mopping, to customized water flow, and even non-mopping areas.
      • Remote registration: Look around your home, even if you are far away, you can also register the cleanup from the robot’s field of vision.
      • Know your home: Up to four levels of the house can be mapped and automatically identified, down to the location of the room, and even each level has 10 restricted areas, 10 restricted areas and 10 invisible barriers.
      • Tap and Voice Powered: Set a schedule, clean a specific room, set water flow, etc. through the Roborock app. Use Alexa and Roborock Plus skills or Siri or Google Home for comprehensive voice control options.
    • Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner

      Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner automatically vacuums your room, the upgraded Roborock navigation maps your house and plans the route in real-time, 20% more efficient than S5 thanks to the cutting-edge mapping, S6 identifies rooms, you can one-click clean a room and set schedules for each room. It is a robot vacuum and mop, sweeps and mops at the same time, no missing spot, no water leakage, work once, thoroughly clean. The disposable mopping rags can be thrown away after use, no need to get hands dirty.

    • Roborock S7 max Ultra

      • [ One Dock to Rule Them All ]: Experience hands-free cleaning with the RockDock Ultra for a new level of convenience, feature-packed so all you have to do is relax and let Roborock S7 Max Ultra take care of the mess.
      • [ 5500 Pa HyperForce Suction ]: Say goodbye to dirt and dust from floors and carpets. Power has been enhanced to 5500 Pa HyperForce Suction and with an upgraded floating rubber brush that stays close to uneven floors, dirt and dust are a thing of the past. Carpet Boost allows for deeper cleaning on carpets.
      • [ Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance ]: Detects and avoids objects on the floor so you don’t have to move anything before starting a cleanup. It can also suggest No-Go Zones automatically, to prevent your robot vacuum getting stuck in tight spots, or falling down the stairs accidentally.
      • [ VibraRise Mopping System ]: Removes dried stains 30% more effectively than traditional robot mops with sonic scrubbing at 3000 times per minute, and combined with consistently high downward pressure, leaves less dirt behind than spinning mops.
      • [ Auto Mop Lifting for the Ultimate Clean ]: Vacuum carpets and mop floors at the same time with Auto Mop Lifting. Your robot vacuum can tell the difference between hard floors and carpets and will automatically lift and lower the mop as needed.

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